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         Began his music studies in Latina with guitarist Claudio Olimpio as well as solfeggio, harmony and electric bass. In 1988 worked with the group Bossa 'n Blue whose repertoire consisted of bossa nova and standards. Pisani furthered his studies with bassists Tayler Mitchell and Ron Seguin at the Bird Club.

     Beginning in 1990, Pisani was active in the local scene both on electric bass and double bass, collaborating regularly with Agostini Di Giorgio, Tony Castellano, Cinzia Gizzi, Carlo Battisti, Larry Smith, Nikolaj Gromin, Lucio Turco, Luciano Fabris, Puccio Sboto, Riccardo Biseo and Aldo Bassi. Tutored privately on electric bass at this time.

     In 1992 Pisani began studying with Agostino diGiorgio, subsequently attending seminars in The Hague, Holland and Verona, Italy by bebop great Barry Harris. In 1994 worked and recorded with alto saxophonist Bob Mover who was recording his first vocal album. From 1994-1995 taught electric bass at the Associazione Musicale and Scuola 'Note Nuove' in Latina, and was the artistic coordinator of the school's jazz laboratory. Began a detailed study of the double bass with bassist colleague Mauro Battisti. During 1995-1996 was active with the Agostino DiGiorgio quartet.

     From 1997-1999 Pisani taught at the Sound music schools in Florence and collaborated with Guerrini, Stefano Bollani, Romano Pratesi, Franco Baggiani, Leonardo Pieri, Borri, Diego Carraresi and Walter Paoli. During 1998 Pisani spent three months in New York working with Bob Mover, attended workshops by Barry Harris, also studying with bassits Rufus Reid and pianist Tardo Hammed.

     In 2000 has recorded In The Flow with pianist Mirko Caserta. 

     In 2001 Pisani moved in Verona where he played regulary with Oscar Zenari Trio and collaborated with Andrea Papini, Marco Bovi, Paolo Mappa, Renato Chicco, Gaetano Riccobono, Matteo Turella, Micky Loeche, Dall'Omo Brothers, Andrea Olivi, Michele Vignali, Francesco Bearzatti, Gianni Cazzola.

      In 2002 played with pianists Udo Van Boven & Eric Doelman in Den Haag Oland and worked with the quintet of the singer Gaetano Riccobono. He has recorded Headache (Splash records) with Matteo Turella guitar, Mauro Beggio drums, Robert Bonisolo sax. Start teaching in the music school "LAMS"

      In 2003 often worked in "Carlo Atti Trio", "Fat Brothers Quintet", and with the saxophone player "Steve Grossman"


Two_and_oneTwo and one

Blues#11Blues #11

The_dry_cleaner_from_des_moinesThe dry cleaner from des moines

     Continuing to progress in his overall knowledge as well as his sound, Luca Pisani has become the preferred bassist in many rhythm sections. He has matured into a soloist to be reckoned with. -Vince Benedetti